Monday, December 15, 2014

Future Publications

At present I am writing two sets of rules, ancient warfare & colonial warfare.  The rules have been in testing since May 2014. These rules will also be geared for the solo-wargamer but can be played head to head as well.  These rules will be a slight departure from the core BGEN mechanics but not by much.  I hope to have copies sent out for playtesters before the end of Winter 2015 and have the game available for purchase by the end of Spring 2015.

What commanders of BGEN will find familiar will be the fatigue point and morale system. Combat will still take place on an element by element basis but there will be new rules for multiple elements in combat and the combat mechanics are being reworked to better favor sound tactical decisions and reduce the luck factor. The basing system will see some slight changes and we are adding new rules for the army general and allowing him field commanders as well.

Other periods with some work done already or simply planned and in no order at all are:

Spanish Civil War
World War One
Science Fiction
WWII Naval
American War of Independence
Seven Years War
Napoleonic Wars
Fantasy Warfare
World War II Skirmish
Vietnam War
Fantasy Skirmish
Victorian Science Fiction
Late 19th Century Warfare
Crimean War
Brigadier General Expansions

Friday, October 31, 2014

Free Field Marshals Baton Template for 3mm to 6mm Games of BGEN.

Available as a free download on WargamesVault.

Gameplay: Cohesion Check

Here is a gameplay example of a unit failing its cohesion check prior to movement. In this particular example the Soviet force to which this armor unit belongs had suffered some casualties thereby reducing its cohesion number.  The unit below needed a 10 or less to operate this turn, they rolled a 12 and sit out this turn trying to regroup, move men and tanks about, resupply etc.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

6mm Brigadier General Game

I posted a small battle report over on my main gaming blog on my most current battle set on the Eastern Front.  Here is a link and a couple of pictures.

Gameplay: Shooting - Armor vs Infantry

Another gameplay example of shooting.  In this situation we have a German AR unit on side of a river with a Soviet INF unit on the other. While the river is impassable where the AR unit is at, it does not block LOS.

The AR unit rolls a 2, adds its +4 to it for 6.  The INF unit rolls a 1 and adds its +2 (Unit already had one FP) the result is 6 to 3. Which is double the unit takes 2 additional FP hitting its max of 3FP. The INF unit is destroyed. Remove from the game and reduce the Soviet cohesion number by 1.

Gameplay: Shooting - Artillery vs. Heavy Tank

Gameplay example of shooting. In this case an ART unit is shooting at a HAR unit.  Remember ART units do not need LOS to a unit just range.

In this picture the ART rolled a 5, added their +4 for a total of 9 and ten compared to the HARs 1 and their +5 for a 6 resulting in a FP marker for the HAR unit.

Gameplay: AI Deployment

Here are some pictures of the random deployment mechanism for the AI-General.

First place the AI HQ in the center of the his table side.

Next place any artillery on either the left or right side of the HQ or both if more than 1.
Next pick any AI unit and roll according to the deployment column. In this case the AI Engineers are deployed on the left flank.
This Armor unit was deployed on the left.

The Armored Car unit was deployed in the center behind the line.




Should read:


So if my infantry unit moves into close combat contact with an artillery unit and the two square up in the front. And then an enemy infantry unit moves into contact with my infantry rear edge than my unit fights at a -1. If another enemy unit made contact on a flank edge then my unit would fight at a -2 modifier.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Game Play Example No. 1.

When rolling initiative at the start of each turn any tie results favor the player. No reroll needed command your force!

Brigadier General Errata and Player Questions.

No membership required to view the FAQ.


Welcome to the "Brigadier General: World War II Miniature Rules for the Solo Wargamer"  blog. If you already have my game then let me extend a hearty "THANK YOU." If you're here for more information then I hope these posts help you and that you will decide to give my game a try.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Auston Butler.