Monday, December 15, 2014

Future Publications

At present I am writing two sets of rules, ancient warfare & colonial warfare.  The rules have been in testing since May 2014. These rules will also be geared for the solo-wargamer but can be played head to head as well.  These rules will be a slight departure from the core BGEN mechanics but not by much.  I hope to have copies sent out for playtesters before the end of Winter 2015 and have the game available for purchase by the end of Spring 2015.

What commanders of BGEN will find familiar will be the fatigue point and morale system. Combat will still take place on an element by element basis but there will be new rules for multiple elements in combat and the combat mechanics are being reworked to better favor sound tactical decisions and reduce the luck factor. The basing system will see some slight changes and we are adding new rules for the army general and allowing him field commanders as well.

Other periods with some work done already or simply planned and in no order at all are:

Spanish Civil War
World War One
Science Fiction
WWII Naval
American War of Independence
Seven Years War
Napoleonic Wars
Fantasy Warfare
World War II Skirmish
Vietnam War
Fantasy Skirmish
Victorian Science Fiction
Late 19th Century Warfare
Crimean War
Brigadier General Expansions

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