Thursday, January 8, 2015

Example of Smaller Forces for Brigadier General

Pictured below are some examples of smaller forces that can be used for Brigadier General. One is a German Infantry Regiment reinforced with an Armored Car Company, the other is a reinforced Soviet Battalion with Artillery and Armored Cars inside a town.

German Regiment.

Soviet Reinforced Battalion.


  1. Hi,

    I couldn't resist your siren song and ordered Brig General. I don't have a fancy phone, so please send it to my email account: [ ]

    Many thanks,

    Chris Johnson

  2. Thank you Chris, your order is on the way.

  3. Is Combat 1948 similar to Brigadier General? Is it a stand-alone game, or an expansion on Combat: WWII?

    My recollection of the War is not what it should be, but the Israelis didn't have much by way of armor, did they?

    Best regards,


  4. Hi Chris,

    No C1948 is a stand alone game with the same rules as CWW2. Yes they had some armor from what I've read.